CSCB Member Forum: What COVID-19 means for your business

This event is open to principals and employees of customs broker members only.

Join us for the CSCB member forum on COVID-19 related trade issues. These forums will provide you with updates on CSCB activities regarding these issues and offer an opportunity to raise your concerns and questions.

June 30, 2020 update:

In a special update to members and in place of our seventh Member Forum, the CSCB President Carol West, provides a quick video update on where we are with the customs broker waiver of liability and payment options on payment day, June 30 (see link below). Carol also outlines the immediate next steps the CSCB will be taking to ensure that the principles of clarity, transparency and fairness are upheld by government when reviewing, case-by-case, situations where Statements of Account have not been paid in full because of inability to collect from importers.

Questions and concerns may continue to be sent by members to